Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Review - Estée Lauder Illuminating Powder Gelée Blush in Tease

Estée Lauder have launched their third Illuminating Powder Gelée (Limited Edition) in the colour Tease which is part of the Pretty Naughty Collection. The first of it's kind was a beautiful rose gold in the shade Modern Mercury. It is a very high-sought highlighter as it is unlike any other I have seen! If you want to see more about this then you can check out Estée's post from Essiebutton. The second colour was a golden shade called Topaz Chameleon, you can see both shades swatched on Ruth's post from AModelRecommends. 

About the product itself, it is a tri-brid product: liquid, powder and gel working together to create a high polish blush. Soft colour, high sheen... with summer approaching, could we ask for more? The colour Tease is a beautiful pink, with incredible sheen, either wear it lightly as a blush to give the cheeks a healthy, dewy pink sheen or wear it alone as a highlighter to give wonderful highlight with a hint of colour.


The colour swatched is true to colour, a nice girly pink. Minimal blending will equal in high sheen colour, blending out creates more of a highlighter effect, distributing the sheen. However, there are teeny tiny glitter particles when blended out so if you have any issues with your pores or aren't a fan of glitter or shimmer I wouldn't recommend this. BUT if you love a highlighter like I LOVE a highlighter then I would 100% recommend these tri-brid blush/highlighters. This will be a go-to product when the sun is shining and especially when I am on holiday and want a bright sheen on the cheeks!

Plus, if you buy this (or any product) online you get two free samples! - The only reason I am mentioning this is because it came well packaged, with a thank you note and my samples placed in a little satin bag (fyi, I am a  huge sucker for packaging or small touches like this!)

Have you tried any of the Illuminating Powder Gelées?


  1. I realize this is silly-- but if you ever sell this blush, please let me know! I am desperately searching for it.

    1. I am constantly adding products on my Depop (@sarahnoelle) which has many beauty items x


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